I have just realised that I have not posted anything on the DFC blog for a while, rightly or wrongly I hoped that folks were reading my blog, so I did neglect the DFC one, for this I am sorry.

The clubs news letter is due in the very near future with detailed accounts of the season so far.

I feel that this season has been one of our better ones in terms of the weather and the fly life, in particular the Mayfly, and lots of nice e-mails, in particular from our day ticket anglers complementing the DFC fishing……

If any of you are at a loose end tomorrow and fancy getting wet, whilst working in the river please give me a ring on 07889 680464

Would you believe that last 24 hours of steady rain we had, had no effect on the river at all, we could really do with a drop more!

Oh and please can I have names for our river fly monitoring group, training starts next month.