Rainbow Trout!!!

What perfect mayfly weather today, I sat all day itching to go fishing and I had to wait until 17:30 before I was tackling up and ready to go..!

Mayfly were coming off steadily, with lots of empty shucks drifting down stream. The rain also started to fall, which to me is the best time to fish a mayfly hatch.

Mayfly Shuck

My first fish was a fat 14 inch fish, a perfect start and it just got better as the hatch progressed. This was until a miniature torpedo grabbed my fly – a fin perfect rainbow trout of about 8 inches long!!! Then another and another, looks like a fish farm has lost some of it’s sheep!! Please feel free to keep all the rainbows you catch, they are certainly not wanted in the River Frome!

Time to move to a few little spots that I know and third cast this wonderful fat 16″ fish sucked in my fly!!

I enjoyed the next 45 minutes of continuous action until my artificial mayfly was completely battered to pieces – what a great evenings fishing…..