River Frome Ecosystem Survey

The River Frome Ecosystem on-line survey, is part of a project designed to enable local people to get more involved in decisions about their environment.

The surveys are specifically for people living and/or working in the river Frome catchment area in Dorset.

Please see below for some commonly asked questions.

Where is the River Frome catchment?
About the survey
How long will the survey and mapping exercise take to complete?
How will the data be used?

About the Survey
The survey has two parts:
1. A quick question and answer form covering:

2. A chance to map your favourite natural areas using our interactive Google map.

How long will the survey and mapping exercise take to complete?
We estimate that the entire process should not take any longer than 30 minutes.

Please make sure you have sufficient time to complete the survey and mapping exercise in one session.

How will the data be used?
The survey data will be used to determine which aspects of the environment and the benefits that people get from it are most important to different groups of people (e.g. residents and tourists).

We will then be able to produce maps that show ‘hotspots’ for different ecosystem services and their value within the Frome catchment. These can be used by many different decision makers when determining the future of this busy, beautiful and biodiverse catchment.

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If you have any questions, please contact jbirch@bournemouth.ac.uk