River Wrackle


Despite the rain and the quite coloured water I went fishing this morning to the Wrackle and the upper stretch of the main river.

Hardly any fish were rising but I persevered in the clearer water of the Wrackle casting a size 16 Greenwell into likely spots. This was rewarded with a nice looking 11 inch trout. Although no mayfly were hatching and only the yellow variety could be seen very infrequently in the air.

I thought that the fish in the main river might see a large fly better in the murky conditions. I changed to a Grey Wulff and caught my first fish on a mayfly this year. At first I thought it was a stock fish but it proved to be a lovely home grown trout of about a pound.

Before I finished at 13:00 I caught another three trout on the Grey Wulff. They were all fairly modest in size between 8 and 11 inches. I saw no a sign of any of the stock fish.


Jim Chalmers (Hon.Treas)