Rivers and things

The forecast for today would appear to be sunny and warm ! A lot of the colour has dropped out of the river making way for a good weekend of fishing. I would therefore suggest that we all make the most of it as there are only about four weeks left!

One of our rods lost a rather fine deer horn “priest” back in the summer, which was kindly handed in by the swan herding folk. I can’t remember who this belonged to. Any clues, please call (John on 01305 257490) .

A date for your dairies. A work party on the willow at the Withy Bed under Poundbury – 9.00am Friday 7th November “please bring waders” …..

Will Bown kindly sent me this picture of a fine fish he caught a few weeks ago. As is the case with a lot of anglers, it has been a while since last visiting the river due to the weather. If you have any tales or pictures to share with us, please send me an e mail.

Nice Fish…….