Looking Good

Parked up along the causeway to fish under Poundbury. Walked down to Giffords Pool and in just below the trees. The water was so, so clear and you could see fish on the fin so easily. Unfortunately they could also see me! Fished on up trying a spider pattern, then a small nymph and a dry, but as soon as the line came into view the fish were off.

Up round the corner and I think these willows will need a trim over the winter months.

Poundbury Straights

The straight was so still I got out to walk up to the Withy Bed; found a shoal of grayling with several 2lb+ fish.

Grayling Shoal

A trickle of pale wateries coming off now and fish moving; on went a small GRHE and a fish rose to my first cast with it, but missed it. Up around the bend to the deeps and there are some BIG grayling up there. Fish rising under the trees and I had two on but both wriggled off, tried to edge my round a deep run and over my waders the water went 🙁 That was it, time for home – first blank for ages —- I was SKUNKED!