Startled Deer!

After sticking over 160 labels on envelopes for the July newsletter, I decided it was time for a fish!

Parked down at Whitfield Hatches and bumped into Brian, who was also out for the evening rise.

I wandered down stream to the Withy Bed and he fished up from Whitfield Hatches. It was a wonderful evening to be out and there were plenty of willing fish to take the fly, mostly small fish, but one of 8 inches was fun.

A small Frome Trout

Dusk approached and the first few spinners came down and a few larger noses started to suck tem in. I cast but put them down, I was too early and fish were to easily spooked.


Almost at the bridge and a few fish rising at the head of the pool, when Brian appeared on the bridge. He spooked a deer that came down the path straight at me, I whipped the camera out and took this rather eerie photo of a startled deer!

The eyes!