Stolen Goods!

I just couldn’t let this weather beat me, so I checked the river on my way home from work and it looked coloured but very fishable…

I parked up in next to a gate and tackled up. It wasn’t until I opened the gate that I spotted the contents of a wallet scattered on the ground.. I phoned the police and they said they would send an officer. I waited and waited, didn’t they realise how urgent this was – I wanted to go fishing! After 30 minutes he arrived collected all the cards, thanked me and I went fishing.

It was a real struggle in the wind, but a small trout and a grayling liked the look of my nymph. Up under some trees a few small olives started to hatch, but the only thing that was feeding on them were the house martins.. The river was starting to colour up from todays rains, time to head home!