River clearing and weather forecast is good, so another great day to be by the River.

Jim Chalmers: I fished part of the upper water above the bypass. I had a look at the Wrackle and I fished the Wolfeton and Burton Mill stretches. I started fishing about 14:15. With my very first cast I caught a stock fish.
As the afternoon progressed the Mayfly hatch increased from a steady trickle to a very good hatch. When I left the river at 18:00, Mayfly and fish were everywhere. Along the Wolfeton and Burton Mill stretches there were lots of Mayfly and rising trout although they were all of a modest size (10-11 inches). I never saw any really big fish moving. The Northwest wind made casting very difficult but it was very enjoyable despite the conditions. I saw 5 other anglers on the water. In my view the fishing at the moment is best in the late afternoon and early evening.