The fishing was a bit tough today

The sun was shining when I reached the river this morning, but the gusty breeze looked likely to cause some trouble. After quickly losing a couple of flies I decided to shorten down the leader and stick to sheltered places. I eventually found a trout taking something beneath some trees, but the sudden gusts, the low swaying twigs and a half sunken branch in exactly the wrong place made casting tricky. Eventually I got a fly into the right spot and the trout took it confidently. Some acrobatics followed but eventually quite a nice fish made it into the net. After agreeing to have its photo taken it slipped quietly away and was gone. Then the sky darkened rapidly from the west and the wind got a lot stronger. The few dozen swallows hunting over the meadows immediately turned into hundreds, accompanied by House Martins and even a few screaming Swifts; all passing quickly through, apparently trying to stay ahead of the approaching weather. It was quite a spectacle. The torrential rain was soon hammering the water and then came the hail and a strong squally wind.

Suddenly all was all over. The sun reappeared and the wind dropped to nothing. It was perfectly still and quiet. All of the birds had disappeared. A couple more fish connected but came unstuck and a few Swallows reappeared before more heavy rain arrived and I turned for home.

Will Bown

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