The Wild Trout Trust in Dorchester

Shaun Leonard, Director of the Wild Trout Trust, will be presenting a talk on the work of the Wild Trout Trust, in particular demonstrating projects that have been undertaken by the Trust to restore valuable salmonid habitat on some of Britain’s most challenged rivers ands streams. He will be illustrating his talk with examples of low cost restoration techniques which would be appropriate for many situations throughout the South West.

His talk will be of value to riparian owners, fishing clubs, keepers, anglers and anyone interested in the preservation of our west country rivers and streams. It will be followed by a Brains Trust question and answer session, with a panel comprising of some well known personalities including Sean Leonard and also Richard Slocock (“The Old Man of the Piddle”), John Aplin (Keeper on the River Frome and angler extraordinaire), Allan Frake (over 40 years experience of west country rivers), oh, and me (25 years of staying afloat!)

The talk will be hosted by the Association of Ponds, Lakes and Fisheries, an eclectic (but very friendly!) group, based mainly throughout Dorset, who have a common interest in all things watery.

The meeting will be taking place at The Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorchester on Friday 12 March 2010, at 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Tickets are available booked through me ( , priced at the ridiculously good value of £8.00, to include for a glass of wine and a good plateful of refreshments. All proceeds shared between the Trust and the Association.