Works Update

The lower water is ready for the arrival of all the large machinery on Monday the 9th October, to create the 3 riffles, 3 willow groynes, and to re profile 200m of river bank, we also hope to have a fair bit media coverage, the start (ok a week later, due to weather) is a feat for southern chalk streams, being one of the larger projects, feel free to pop along, and see what is going on, could any visitors please ring me on 07889 680464 so I know you are coming on site and can supply you with a vizzy vest and a hard hat should plant be operating.
During the summer you will have noticed some of the banks closely strimmed, this is to remove any cover for wildlife, before the banks are dug out for the creation of our new wet margins, I am really excited about the start of this project, I will try to update the blog as we progress, and hope to do a presentation at the AGM.
More good news the new GRASS has now been sown in the meadow on the lower water, no more maize, thank you Noel.
I also attended a Vole and Mink workshop on the Frome at Bockhampton today that was a great success, if any of you fancy getting involved in a mink trapping program this winter give me a ring.
I see we are on count down to the end of the Trout season, don’t neglect our lady of the stream.

River keeper
John Aplin