11 years on….

In 1999 we installed our first set of flow deflectors (faggots in those days!) in a very straight stretch of our water just north of Dorchester. The work was done by a small working group and over seen by John Aplin. The method of adding hazel bundles facing upstream at about a 45 degree angle, was ground breaking work and was an idea of Allan Frake of  the Environment Agency.

The flow deflectors transformed this shallow uniformed stretch of river into one that has many features, all of which has helped the flora & fauna.

We are now 11 years on, John Aplin & his team have been back down to renew the flow deflectors and once complete John will produce a report of how successful the flown deflectors have been.

To read John’s interim report please visit his website www.riverworks.co.ukAnother report here

To read John Ginifer’s report that appeared in the Club’s newsletter in 1999 Click Here