Wind blown terrestrials

Just back from a very enjoyable evenings fishing and although the river is extremely low the trout & grayling are still feeding well.

It was a very overcast evening with the threat of rain all night, but fortunately for me, but unfortunately for the river it never quite started.

With the summer growth of the bankside vegetation it is now impossible to fish from the bank, so I slipped into edge of the river in my old trusty thigh waders, that must be 20 years old now! I moved very slowly upstream and fish were rising as far as I could see. There was no hatching fly, so I presumed they were rising to wind blown terrestrials.  Fishing with a small GRHE (what else!) I cast to the rising fish, they took it with gusto! The fish were mostly small brown trout of about 8 inches long, but I did catch a rather nice grayling of about a 1lb.  One or two larger fish came for the fly, but they were a lot wiser and steered away from the fly at the last split second.

For two hours I had some really excellent fishing and headed home deciding to leave the evening rise to the bats!