A few willing trout on a wild morning

It was a grey start to a short session this morning with a brisk wind and some wild gusts. Casting was going to be tricky. A few mayflies were drifting down; Green Drakes struggling to stay upright in the wind and being driven into the banks, but not being molested by any trout. After a while one or two fish began rising but they only seemed interested in the few olives that were also being blown all over the place. Happily these fish seemed quite eager to accept my artificial and this one was the best of them. A very strong fish that gave me a good tussle, going upstream and down. After a little rest in the net and agreeing to have his photo taken he went on his way. A gust took my hat downstream but luckily it was retrieved and won’t be adding to the junk in our oceans. It certainly felt good to be out of lockdown at last and able to visit our beautiful River Frome again.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Will Bown

Small Dark Olive Baetis scambus

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