Opening Day – 13th March

Fishing resumed today and amongst the chaos that we are currently living through, normality edged it’s way slowly our way.

Conditions didn’t look good, bright sun and a cold northerly wind blowing. But the Piddle brown trout are generous and they eagerly took my mayfly imitation, nothing over 10 inches, but the whole experience did wonders for my soul.

I hear that Rob & Trevor caught plenty of wild beauties on the Affpuddle Beat. Jim on the Upper Water had plenty of fish go for his fly, but only two stuck. Trev on the Upper Water also had a good day. We even had a live broadcast by Charles Jardine from under Poundbury Hill Fort, he also landed a few small fish. (you can view this on the Country Side Alliance FaceBook page)

Most saw mayfly hatching and if you intend heading out over the next few weeks, don’t forget to take your mayflies with you.

Please also remember the guidance sent to you by the Honorary Secretary. (main points listed below)

Rob with a nice Piddle trout

Southover Beat

Late entry from Ben – Upper Water

1. A reminder that you should purchase your EA licence in the normal way before fishing.

2. Members should wash their hands before and after fishing, preferably by way of hand sanitiser in their car. Members should hand sanitise before opening gates and crossing stiles, and otherwise use common sense to avoid contact with surfaces as far as possible. Even better if you able to wear gloves until you start fishing.

3. Members must arrive at any beat on their own, and subject to any government / national travelling restrictions and guidance.

4. It goes without saying that Members must not fish if they have symptoms of Covid-19 or are otherwise prevented by government restrictions from angling.

5. Members should be mindful that getting back out on the water is going to be sudden and popular this year, especially so given that the mayfly is just starting, with some likely immediate pressure at some locations. The Lower Water on the Frome is usually very popular, along with the Poundbury stretch of the Frome and the Affpuddle beat of the Piddle. In the circumstances where there are parking spots where three cars are already present, Members should drive on and fish in another location. This could be an opportunity to go and fish a more remote part of the DFC waters, especially in the first few days of our new freedom, and this coming weekend.

6. A reminder regarding etiquette. The Club has never been too dictatorial about giving each other space, and by and large Members have always been considerate to each other. However this year is particularly unusual and please forgive us for issuing a bit of extra guidance. Members who intend to walk ahead of another Members when coming up towards them from downstream must first agree with that Member that they may do so, and ensure that they only start fishing when they are at least 20 -30 minute fishing time upstream – to our mind that’s at least 250 metres – and having kept out of fishes’ sight when walking up. Otherwise Members must follow in behind the Member who is there first. The same etiquette applies to those coming down from upstream intending to fish back up. For example this could be a Member walking down from Long Bridge on the Frome, down past Louds Mill and intending to fish back up from somewhere further down on the Lower Water. Any walking downstream should be done away from the river so as not to disturb the fish. Please just be sensible and courteous, as always.

7. When passing other fishermen, Members should be at least 10 metres apart.

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