Autumn 2020

Now that the summer heat has past, it was time to fish the Upper Water. The river has been refreshed from the previous weeks flash floods, these have cleansed the gravels, ready for the winter spawning trout and salmon.

It was good to see a few rises at the tail of the first run and wasn’t long before a small trout took my size 18 GRHE. But I should have checked the surface film before selecting my fly, there were a good few black gnats drifting down. I switched my fly to a small black fuzzy one and the trout were really up for this one.

The deeper faster runs I tied on a small shrimp pattern and continued to catch some beautiful wild browns, nothing over 10″, but good to see so many juvenile trout.

Walking back across the field to the car, I noticed a good few Autumn Mayfly, aka daddy-long-legs. If you do decide to head out before the end of the season, make sure you have a few of these in your fly box.

Autumn fishing can be difficult, but also rewarding when things go right and you’ll never know it you don’t go.

PS> where has all the Himalayan Balsam gone, yes there are still patches, but not the huge swathes that occurred a few years ago?

Hungry Trout – GRHE with a dash of orange

Sparkling Gravel

Battle Worn Shrimp

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