Bream etc

Monday we were on the DFC water doing a little more to our habitat improvement project, and purely by chance we came across a horse that had been injured by barbed wire, blood as far as the eye could see, amazingly Chris a mate of mine and a top paramedic was walking his dog and came to the rescue, slowing the flow of blood, we all spent the rest of the day sorting out vets, tracking down owners and Chris got home at 9.30pm after helping get the horse up to the vets in Sherborne, a team effort and a horse that is on the mend………….
Tuesday was an interesting day, we always get a huge buzz from looking at a new bit of fishing, and exploring at the avaliable options of hopefully making it slightly better.
This beat on the river Nadder just needs a slight tweek, the EA have done some great improvements over the last three years, but the fishing club need a little extra work done, and with thanks to the EA for asking us to help out with this we are able to further widen our river knowlege.

Our meeting went on into the afternoon which left only the time to go fishing after our return to Dorset, Elliot and I grabbed some cracking bait from Pauls shop on the way down, and had a great evenings fishing for species other than Cod, I now have the feeling that Ben A has caught them all…….

Again an amazing sunset.

The rest of the week we are on the Frome just up stream of Dorchester helping the DWT with improving Salmonid spawning gravel, using a digger, these gravels are so compact even a digger struggled to loosen the river bed, but in the end we were winning, lots of loose gravel a great result!

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