Nearly finished

We took a few days out to do a small restoration project up on the river Nadder for the Environment Agency, and now we are all back in force to finish off our work on the Frome before our end of October deadline.
You can see here the addition of come Coir netting along the footpath revetment near Poundbury, this will help to trap silt over the coming winter which will in turn build up the riverbank, the netting also allows vegetation to grow up through it, and of course it is 100% natural.

Another part of our latest projects are the flow deflector’s on the Stinsford sidestream, the posts went in a while ago and have already changed the flow in this otherwise very straight channel, we have now added lots of willow to these deflectors, with great effect!

As you can see in this picture at last we have had a little rain, filling the river, making all our new structures start working for a living!

Our gravel washing team have been working overtime, in conjunction with our in channel modifications, and elsewhere on the Frome, we are hoping to have loosened and cleaned somewhere in the region of 4000 square metres of spawning gravel this autumn.

We will of course be calling on you all in the near future for a work party or two please watch this space.Posted by Picasa