Gentlemen from Wimbledon

30th May 2007

I had hoped to come down for a week at Mayfly time fishing with David Lloyd. However due to a daughter getting married I could only make two days. David and I arrived at Whitfield Hatches at about 4.00 pm it had been raining very hard in the morning and we were pleased to see the river only slightly coloured. It was by this time very sunny and there were a good number of Mayfly coming off and fish rising. I had a golden hour moving up from the Hatches to just above the railway bridge. I only caught six fish [all stocked] and missed many more but felt I was in paradise after leaving a damp grey London. The activity tailed off about 7.00 pm and we called it a day.

31st May 2007

A grey damp morning and we went at first to the Lower Water. Very few fish showing and hardly any Mayfly. I had one and was feeling quite proud of myself until I bumped into Jim who seemed to be well into double figures. We had a chat and I moved on.. I only had one more but returned to the Whitfield Hatches mid afternoon and there were flies hatching and fish moving. I fished all the way through until about 6.00 pm when I had to return to London. I caught another eight three stocked and the others all wild but not large.All fish caught on a parachute mayfly.

It was a magical two days and I wish I could get down more often. I would just like to thank the two Johns and Jim for running such a magnificent fishery. I assure when I have less going on in my life you will have to drag me away from the bank.

William Petch