Thursday Morning & Evening

I fished the Bockhampton stretch this morning and it was the best morning that I have had this season. The combination of the warm Southerly wind, the overcast skies, some rain and a slightly coloured river gave ideal fishing conditions.

Although the Mayfly hatch was sparse the fish were up and about and they were not easily put off by my presence on the river bank. Perhaps it was the light conditions but it was one of those days when they continued to rise as close as a rod length from my position.

Most of the trout that I caught were stock fish but I did catch two wild trout one of which was a good size. One stock fish did not go back in the river and it is now baking in the oven.

A Grey Wullf Mayfly was very effective but I guess that any decent pattern would do provided that it is not too large. I met two other members and a lady ornithologist who was rather keen to photograph the family of swans.


Jim Chalmers (Hon.Treas)



Well I can’t let the Hon.Treas have all the fun, so I was out this evening down at Long Bridge.

I walked down to Deadman’s Pool and fished back up. Like Jim I was quickly into the stock fish and what excellent fish they are this year – I noticed that the blue spot on their bellies is just starting to fade.

A quick chat to another Member who had just lost a good fish downstream.

The evening rise came early due to the overcast skies and this is when the wild fish come out to play! Picture this, three fish rising steadily all in a row – the one closet to me was the smallest and by the amount of water the front fish was moving – it was a GOOD one! I cast my fly and got the first fish and then the second – luckily this hadn’t disturbed the big one. Next cast and it sipped in the fly perfectly, I struck and all hell broke loose and so did the fly – sugar!

Here’s the fly that did all the damage – size 16 paradun BWO spinner

From Dorchester Fishing Club Photos