Grayling fishing workshop

It is on, but with a change of meeting point – Saturday 9th February 2013


  • 9.00am meet at Lubbecke Way, Dorchester (off Kings Road). We will have volunteer instructors from the club who are keen to share their knowledge of winter Grayling fishing with others. We will be covering both nymph fishing and the art of long trotting.
  • Please bring your tackle either trotting (inc bait) and fly.
  • We will break for lunch at the Wise Man in West Stafford around 12.30pm
  • Afternoon, Grayling fishing at leisure both on the club’s Lower water and the Keepers “Home Beat”

If you are attending, please can you inform John Aplin so he can tell the Wise Man on numbers. Email

Following the Nymph Downstream