Grayling Workshop

A cold damp day didn’t stop a good turn out for the grayling workshop. John Aplin talked everyone through the art of nymph fishing, from using a sight indicator, to using two heavy nymphs Czech style. Along with all the different types of flies expertly tied by Harry Wallace.

Then Trev Stroud and Stuart Brown guided us through the art of trotting and the different styles of floats, reels and rods. They also proved to be a little more effective with their demo and actually caught a grayling during their presentation!!!

We all then headed off to fish, plenty of grayling where caught using both methods and also a rather lively salmon took a small pink nymph!!

Quick (two hours!) lunch at The Wise Man, West Stafford and the afternoon everyone headed over to fish John Aplin’s water (The Dairy House) – what a great day and thanks to the instructors for all their time and expertise..