Last day of the season

Spent the last day of the season on the water today; probably the coldest last day that I can remember with the temperature struggling to a chilly 11 oC and the river a degree lower. Thankfully the northerly wind was quite gentle. After a chat with John Aplin and companion I dropped in below and landed this lovely wild fish of exactly 1 lb, plus two grayling of around 3/4 lb each.

The rest of the day was very quiet with only one other smaller trout and a couple of salmon parr, and a lost grayling. The river looked in great shape with a good flow, a hint of colour and plenty of weed. Because of the conditions very few fish were seen but I did see one stockie which thought about taking a dry before refusing at the last minute. Late afternoon I managed to hook a good grayling of about 1 1/2 lb but unfortunately he came off at the net.

Although I fished the dry fly on a couple of runs, all the fish came to weighted nymphs and I only saw a couple of rises all afternoon. Now looking forward to some good grayling fishing in the winter months.