Never trust your brother

Since my involuntary, grayling-scaring Boxing Day dip in the Frome, brother Doug has been economical with his guest invitations. On Monday however, he invited me to share his rod for a two hour stint on the Lower Water. I soon discovered the reason for his keenness, in tough clear, low water conditions, he needed a spotter. The deal; I’m long-sighted and spot the fish, he’s short-sighted and sorts the tackle.

I was able to creep up behind the vegetation and despite the grey day, with the help of Polaroids, spot the odd trout, direct his cast and even call ‘Strike’ as the fish inhaled the nymph. A size 14, goldhead PTN with a bit of hare in the thorax was the fly of the day. Three trout fell pretty swiftly – all stock fish in the 14 inch bracket. Teamwork was definitely the key.

Eventually I got my turn which coincided with a slight rise in temperature. Trout and grayling began rising freely to a hatch of pale watery olives, so on went a Klinkhamer. I put it in the right spot and, fish on! A fish of nearly two pounds, the best fish of the day, was soon approaching the net and, fish off! I had made an amateur mistake – never trust your brother to tie on your fly…

Best regards