Rewarded by a Lovely Trout


With the departure of the very strong SW winds of recent days I thought that it was time for a day on the river. I started fishing on the lower water. There was a sparse Mayfly hatch and the stock fish provided some good sport.

A good few were rising but sometimes one would appear from nowhere to grab the fly so a bit of speculative casting into likely spots was worth a try. The stock fish are in good condition and a credit to Hooke Springs Trout Farm.

There was never a dull moment and for every fish that came to the net many others were missed or shook themselves free. I saw four other members enjoying the Mayfly season.

After lunch I decided to try some more challenging fishing on the unstocked middle water. Well that proved to be quite a challenge. I cannot remember seeing the middle water so full of weed in May.

The ranunculus growth was so heavy that there were not many clear spots to fish and the river looked more like it does at the end of June. The undisturbed state of the bankside vegitation suggested that very few members had ventured along this part of the river.

There was an occasional rise, mostly from small fish, but my visit was rewarded by a lovely trout of about 2 lbs and this was the only fish that I caught.