‘time wasters corner’

Hi John,

Wed 20th.
It was great to be away fishing for only the second visit this season.
I decided to fish the Cerne as I love small streams – only it was a bit smaller than last year! thanks to the prolonged spring ‘drought’.
No great fly hatch of any kind but I winkled out a few little wildies, and to my astonishment in the ‘thin’ water got two beauties of 13.5″ on a Mayfly (all returned of course).

In anticipation of some hatching Mayflies in the afternoon I moved on to one of the clubs carriers and worked my way through very varied water ‘searching’ as very few M/F’s were hatching but I felt sure the fish would have switched on to them by now. I picked up a few with one corker from a nice deep run in the shade of 15.5″ and very fat with it. A great start to my annual fishing break from looking after all the members and the Wylye.

Thurs 21st.
Decided not to fish in the popular areas as I felt like a serious bit of solitary fishing and found an area of varied water all to myself.
As much of the open water was almost fully weeded I went for the jungle and tiny carriers and picked up quite a few surprisingly sizeable wild Trout.
Some of these were in excess of 13″ with the best going a cracking 16″ (about 1.75lb).
This was physically hard going, ducking, crawling, creeping & kneeling but well worth the effort.
Again a very light and spasmodic Mayfly hatch, but fish still on the look out.

Fri 22nd.
Started too early as usual, now turning very warm and the river at Poundbury was very full thanks to the profuse weed growth mentioned in earlier ‘blogs’.
However no fly and nothing willing to leap onto my Mayfly from the narrow runs and small pockets – usually great fun when fish are ‘on’.
Managed one of the chunky stock fish and a couple of small wild fish and stopped for lunch after a failing to rise any of the previously enthusiastically moving fish on ‘time wasters corner’ at Withy Bed !
A change of venue to one of the other carriers after lunch proved what I thought was a waste of time as this was so full of flowering weed and now with a powerful breeze that dropping the large fly into the very tiny target areas was impossible.
About to call it day and very satisfied already with my previous fishing something drew me down river where I discovered a curiously weed free stretch, lo and behold a good sprinkling of Mayfly suddenly brought into view a very sizeable fish, feeding very hard on the duns and ascending nymphs and moving over quite a distance.
Spooking him was very likely in the shallow water without any cover on the bank but I was having a lucky spell, the fly was taken as in a dream, a strong fight but very little line given due to snags resulted in my best wild fish from the Frome for some years at 18″ and 2lb 10oz, I was in heaven.
Replete, I was heading towards home slowly and yet two more fish behaving in a similar way halted me in my tracks, not so big of course (13 / 13.5″) but both took with enthusiasm.
This was meant to be the finish but tracking down Rod elsewhere on the fishery for a chat, led by chance to two more nice wild fish up to 14.5″ in the what was now at least a half decent Mayfly hatch.

A really great 3 days – now back to ‘my river’ to see if our Mayfly period can produce such fish for our members.

23rd May

Richard Miller’s Wrackle wildie