Torn Meniscus Cartilage

Due to a torn knee cartilage I haven’t fished since April, but today the lure of the hatching mayfly was too much…

I knew I wouldn’t be able to venture far with this dodgy knee, so I selected a spot that had easy access. I was greeted by a wonderful sight of flowering ranunculus and a few rising fish.

With such amazing weed growth I needed a fly that would stay afloat down the narrow runs and one I could bounce off the bank into the tight holes. I selected an old favourite, French Partridge, with a nice genetic hackle along the body to make sure it floated like a cork.

This was soon taken by a willing trout, only about 8 inches long, but a perfect Frome wild brown trout. I fished all along this stretch picking trout out from tiny pockets and impossible runs, my best landed was a stunning 15inch brown and of course I lost a monster – don’t we all?

I drove up to the Upper Water and found Adrian on Withy Bed corner trying to tempt one of the many rising fish – mayfly season is truly in full swing….

Don’t forget the spinner fall in the evening, this is when the big fish come out to feed!