River Work and Otters

River levels have dropped allowing John Aplin and his team (Kev, Fred, plus Rob & dog) to get on tidying the willows just upstream from the Withy Bed.

Island Work

Island Work

Otter Leftovers!
Whilst walking up the Lower Water we came across the remains of this rather good sized sea trout. My watch is a guide to the size, not like the alarm clock in Peter Pan’s crocodile. There was another complete backbone further up the river that had been completely stripped of flesh. I can only guess we have well fed otters in the river.
Rob Ayles

Otter Leftovers

Otter Leftovers


  • H says:

    Otters ?

    I have recently heard of Mink being spotted on the river.
    I hope that Rob’s correct.

    Keith Williams

  • John Grindle says:

    Yes it was an otter kill and if there are mink, the otters will sort them out as well – Cheers John

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